The breadth of knowledge there is no limit because of all the things that exist outside and inside all human knowledge can be learned so that it can emerge and can be studied as a science that is able to contribute to the advancement of the modern era to the era of very forward looking.

Can not be separated from the existing activities daily life which in this case will be described in detail and hopefully can become a literature that helps to contribute to science. Understanding more about the friction of course this may sound quite ordinary and why it must be understood. During the study course, this friction becomes a trivial question because this kind of school is questionable even discussed the physics lesson. Various types of friction that surrounds the human is an event that can be used as a case study of physics learning.

To learn more about what it should be understood beforehand understanding friction. Understanding friction force or friction is a phenomenon or event that occurs when two different moving objects as well as the coefficient of experiencing the opposite direction of movement touching each other. Frictional forces can occur between two different types of material, such as friction between water and other solid objects so as to cause ausan or decrease the economic value of the object. However, the most frequently encountered is the friction between solid objects such kind seseama when sharpening a knife, the thing that happens is to do a frictional force against the metal material (knife) to the surface of the grindstone to sharpen the knife used for cutting.

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the kinds of Car Concept at New York Auto Show


The concept car is on display at any auto show mandatory global scale . With a concept car , the manufacturer can demonstrate innovation and the latest technology at their disposal . At the New York Auto Show on April 18 to 27 by 2014, there is some concept cars on display .

New York Daily News reported, some manufacturers are displaying concept cars in the grand exhibition was KIA , Cadillac , Toyota , Nissan , and Ford . From concept cars appeared , almost all sport sedan models . Obviously , these cars are equipped with a V6 and V8 big class . ( Read : This Luxury Cars exhibited at the New York Auto Show )

What are the concept cars that gig in New York Auto Show in 2014? ( Read also : It’s Muscle Car Latest New York Auto Show )
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1 . KIA GT - 4 Stinger

This time it appears to the KIA sport sedan models . Do not want the responsibility , the Korean car manufacturer Kia GT - 4 equip the Stinger 4-cylinder turbocharged engine -powered 315 horsepower . With the coupe , the future may KIA will fight to BMW and Mercedes in the premium vehicle market .

2 . Cadillac Elmiraj

Cadillac Elmiraj first introduced at the Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance , August 2013 . He looks luxurious , worthy to compete with Rolls Royce Wraith . Reportedly , Cadillac Elmiraj mass produced in 2016 with a choice of V6 and V8 engines . Dibesut power Elmiraj claimed no less than 500 horsepower .

3 . Toyota FT - 1

Toyota has a long history of designing sports cars . Several variants are already known to the world the Celica , Supra , and MR2 . This time the largest car manufacturer in the world was brought sedan concept Toyota FT - 1 . This sports sedan has a long hood , low body and snout -like speedboat design . At first glance , this car will compete with the Chevrolet Corvette or the Acura NSX . Unfortunately, Toyota did not release specifications of the car that carries the possibility of the V6 engine .

4 . The Nissan Sport Concept Sedan

This four-door sedan shape a more ” normal ” than another concept car at the New York Auto Show . Even so , Nissan Sport Sedan Concept has a futuristic touch to the lamp shape and body lines . According to some observers , this sedan into a new version of the Nissan Maxima or Altima .

5 . Ford Edge Concept

This is the only non - sedan concept car at the New York Auto Show . Ford Edge is already introduced at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2013 as Ford’s future crossover variant . This car is also considered as an evolution of Ford’s EcoBoost line with revisions to the body . Possible Ford Edge 4 -cylinder engine equipped with a 2 -liter turbocharged engine with 305 horsepower power .

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Adulescens generatiua sanitas quaestiones

Adolescentibus Sunt indicia - urbana et rustica loca , - id quod augetur maritali sexus ostendit . Sed an interesting quaestio est an intelligi , quod cum veneris in periculis ? Ex studiis in III civitates Occidens Java ( MMIX ) femina magis sunt timentes sociali Pericla (ut: timore amittendi virginitas / virginitatem commeatu gravis e matrimonio quod pertinet famam rumoresque hominum ) comparatur sexus discrimine praesertim generatiua sanitatem et venereorum sanitatem .
Aetas ad adolescentiam est vulnerari cum HIV / AIDS et sexually traducitur morbos ( STDs) alterum. Nam intra certum eleifend gravida mulieres , foetus conceptionem viability imminentia / infans.
Plerumque passibilitatem mulieribus non solum biologicis, factorum, sed etiam cultura et socialis commoda voce minus valuerunt / sexus iura salutis socium , consoletur ac sanitas ipsa. Et muliebris animi dependet , ut dicitur in mulieres pati a nuditate et subiiciatur . Res oeconomicae et condicionibus , passibilitatem de mulieribus .

Mundus Health Organization (QUI) mentarios confecisse adolescens telrjadi generatiua sanitas quaestiones circa mundi, quae potest esse in re simili eadem Indonesia Indonesia aut si res in notitia , non adhuc assumptionem amet.
In hac habitasse platea dictumst novaeque generatiua salutem ligula . Aenean generatiua sanitas quaestiones praeter sanitatis cognoscitur amet provisoribus arbitrium fabri , elit sit amet ordinatione et adolescentium educatio , ut adolescens generatiua sanitas quaestiones auxilium summittere .

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The Result of Italian League : Juventus vs Bologna 1-0

The result of Italian League : Juventus vs Bologna 1-0 . Juventus has established himself staring at the Italian champions this season after the game against Bologna last night would have won 1-0 sekor . Goal is to deliver Bianconerri sole victory scored by Paul Pogba in mneit 64th .

The game

Juventus already had the ball since the early minutes of the second half . The new third minute , the hosts had the opportunity . Without much play the ball , Pirlo release bait into the front leads to Llorente . However , goalkeeper Curci immediately secured.

15 minute walk , the game is fully controlled by Juventus with Pogba and Giovinco are alternately spread threats . Entering the 28th minute turn Marchisio obtain a golden opportunity . The central midfielder infiltrate into the penalty box . Unfortunately, he was plagued by Cherubin and the ball was successfully secured Curci .

Until the 37th minute , there is no goal is created . The visitors who tried to tried to attack , always failed . Every time Bologna had the ball , when it also captured the Juventus players . The final minute of the first half , Juve have a chance . Giovinco back after getting sodoran of Llorente , he let go of the ball directionally however , still well covered by Cristaldo . Score glasses end the first half .

Entering the second half , Juve regained control of the game from the first minute . Juventus kembalimendapat opportunity during the second half has been running for 4 minutes . This time a chance to come through a defender Ogbonna is getting feedback from Pirlo however , he was unable to reach the ball .

Kebuntua host was finally broken in the 64th minute . Pogba a powerful shot that flew low to the left corner of the goal and able to rip the nets Bologna . Score 1-0 to the hosts .

78 minutes , Juve re- create a golden opportunity . This time through Marchisio . Mnegarah his header into the goal guarded Curci , but the goalkeeper is capable of throwing the ball to the side of the net . Minutes enjury time the visitors had made ​​a golden opportunity through Laxalt . Players who come off the bench is suddenly a real contribution , dear Buffon alert in anticipation of its business . Until the referee blew the final whistle of the match, there was no goal is created . Score 1-0 to Juventus triumph last until the game was over .

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